Our Equine Staff

We have carefully selected six horses, three males and three females, to be part of our team.  Our horses are all in good physical health, and are seen by a veterinarian on an annual basis, or more often as needed.   These horses have all had extensive training, a great deal of experience and are well socialized to people and other horses.  Some of them are home bred and raised, some are former show horses and some are rescues.

The three boys

The three boys

We carefully evaluate the horses each time they are to participate in activities with clients to ensure that they are physically and emotionally up to the task at that time.  Sessions can include just one horse or many horses, depending on who is participating and what the selected activity will be.  All activities are conducted on the ground, there is no riding involved, so that participants can focus on the experience instead of worrying about learning to ride.

Two girls

Two girls

Horses are very much like people in that they have innate personalities, attitudes, moods and feelings.  Just like people, some of our horses are thinkers and slow to move, some of our horses are more reactive and quick to move and then some of our horses are somewhere in between the two.  Having a spectrum of “horsenalities” enables us to create a broad variety of situations for participants to encounter.


Our oldest girl

Our oldest girl

We don’t want to tell you too much about each of our individual horses because we don’t want to create preconceived ideas about each of them.  It is more helpful, and more fun, for the participants to observe and “label” the horses themselves.   Occasionally, we will change things up a bit and bring in a pony or a miniature horse, supplied by an associate, for specific activities.







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