Schedule of Events

Crossroads Equine Assisted Learning Summer Camp 2015

Teaching the importance of stewardship and fellowship through horsemanship.

  • Weekly sessions beginning June 8, 2015 through July 31, 2015.
  • 9 am to 1 pm Monday through Friday.
  • Ages 8-15
  • Horsemanship
  • Games and Activities
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Snacks included
  • $225.00/child/week, multi-child discount available

Kids will have a great time while learning about horses, others and themselves at our summer camp.   Crossroads Summer Horse Camp can help your children develop: self-awareness,  positive social interaction skills,  respect for self and others,  character building,  problem solving skills,  teamwork,  responsibility,  self-confidence and communications skills, all while having fun with horses.


The mornings will start with fun and interactive horse care and horsemanship lessons.  Next we will have a snack break to charge up for games and activities that are designed to reinforce what they have learned about horses and enhance their horsemanship skills.  Craft and activity time will then allow kids time to practice their creative thinking and explore with their imagination.  Each week we will do something slightly different so children can come to multiple sessions and continue to enjoy new experiences and reinforce newly acquired skills.

Email us for more info or if you have any questions.  Register for camp through the Eventbright link in the sidebar of this page.






Any of the following classes are available upon demand.  Give us a call or send us an email to schedule a class with us.  Bring a friend and receive a special discount.

The “Help!” for New Horse Owners series: This beginning series of three sessions is designed to help people who are new to horses or people who want a bit of a refresher.  We will tackle problem solving and help you learn skills that will make your time with your horse more safe, fun and enjoyable.   Three sessions – $75.00.


No Horse Required! We provide the herd for observation in this series of classes.  The following workshops are for anyone, regardless of having horse experience or not. Or even if you are an old hand, new scientific data and research is presented so that you may learn something new.  If you are new to horses, you are sure to get a good start by understanding your horse which will lead to developing a wonderful partnership.  If you don’t have a horse yet or are just plain interested in learning something new, you will find our presentations fun and interesting.

Horse Psychology 101,  An Introduction to Horse Behavior and Psychology:   Have you ever wondered why your horse does that particular thing? Do you have “problems” with your horse? Do you just want to have fun, but your horse seems to have different ideas?  In this presentation, we will share in-depth information from scientific research and observation that brings awareness to how horses think and behave.  By learning to understand horses, you can help your horse to have a better domestic life, you can solve common horsemanship problems, and you can develop a deeper emotional bond with your equine friend that is mutually enjoyable for you both. One 1-hour session.  $25.00 per person

Reading Horses, An introduction to understanding equine body language:  What is your horse thinking when he yawns?  What does it mean when he licks his lips or moves his mouth? Does a tail raised high mean he is “Proud”?  Do ears back really mean a horse is “Mad”? These things may not mean what you have always thought they do.  Horses primarily communicate non-vocally.  There are many nuances to their movements that give them a broad and varied language with each other.  Understanding what your horse is “saying” is a big step towards a better relationship with your horse. Come join us for an interesting and fun presentation that will help you decipher the body language of horses.  One 1-hour session.  $25.00 per person.

Personality Profile, Part A, What is your horse’s personality?:  Just like people, animals have differing innate personality traits that guide their emotions, thoughts and actions.  Although all horses are prey animals that live by their instincts, they are still individuals with individual personalities.  In this presentation we will help you to determine your horse’s personality profile.  By understanding your horse better, you can enhance your relationship and learn valuable techniques for dealing with the idiosyncracies of your equine partner’s personality. Even if you do not currently own a horse, understanding the different personality traits of horses can come in handy when you are selecting a horse to buy. Come join us for an interesting and fun presentation, while we observe the herd interacting with each other showing us who they are!  No horse required, no prerequisite required, however we recommend Horse Psychology 101 and Reading Horses.  One 2-hour session.   $35.00 per person.

Personality Profile, Part B: Personality Traits Do’s and Don’ts.  Now that you know which personality, or combination of, your horse is, we will help you discover which techniques work for each kind.   We will also help you to identify when your  horse goes “right brained” and scared or “left brained” and stubborn and how to deal with those situations.  And what happens when you and your horse don’t have matching personalities?  We can help you with that too!  Join us and the herd while we present examples of the different types of horse personalities, explain their needs and define what they excel at.  We will also teach you some skills to help with troubleshooting problems. No horse required. Prerequisite: Matchmaker Part A.  One 2-hour session.  $35.00 per person.

Specialty Workshops for the Horse Owner:  The following workshops are developed to help people troubleshoot common problems with horses.  A horse’s behavior tells us a great deal about what they are thinking and feeling.  When a horse displays “problem” behavior, it is really only a problem in the human’s point of view. The horse is acting on instinct to something and is trying to tell us something the only way they know how, by reacting.  They are usually telling us they are not happy, or that they are scared, or uncomfortable or confused.  We will show you savvy, humane, reliable techniques that will help you and your horse to understand each other and what is expected so that general horse husbandry is as carefree as possible.

Preparing your horse for the vet or farrier:  Help your horse to be calm and cooperative for medical and farrier procedures. We try to be as kind to our horses as possible, but there are times when, in the act of caring for our domestic horses, we just have to get certain things done, whether the horse “wants” it or not.  By practicing certain activities ahead of time, you can easily prepare your horse to quietly accept being handled for a variety of procedures such as vaccinations, worming, x-rays and hoof care.   Bring your horse and join us for a demonstration and practical application of these techniques.  One 1.5 hour session.  $35.00 per person.

Saddling and Bridling in Partnership:  Did you know, you can teach your horse to not only easily accept saddling and bridling, but to be a partner and to help you with saddling and bridling?  Does your horse wince, move away or try to bite when you bring the saddle up to him or place it on his back?  Or does your horse put his head higher than you can reach when trying to put on the bridle?  Even if your horse allows you to saddle and bridle with relative ease, we can help you improve your relationship with your horse during the process.  We will show you how to turn tacking up into a game, helping your horse to be a partner in the process, further developing the bond you have. Bring your horse along with your usual tack for this session.  One 1.5 hour session.  $35.00 per person.

We will be offering assorted horsemanship workshops several times a month on a regular basis.  Or gather a group of friends or your club and we can hold a workshop just for you on the date and topic of your choosing.  We also provide private lessons for individuals or small groups. 

Call us at either (661) 303-7194, (661) 699-6776 or email us at for additional information or to sign up for any of the above workshops.



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