Equine Assisted Learning

In Equine Assisted Learning, participants learn about themselves and others by interacting with the horses in specially selected activities that are designed to aid in the learning and self discovery process.   Participants then process or discuss their thoughts, beliefs, behaviors and patterns.  This can be conducted individually or as a group.  It can be used for personal growth as well as professional development.

Incorporating horses in the learning process is an active, hands-on, experiential modality.  This means that you learn-by-doing, or learn through “experiencing”, and then processing that experience.  Experiential Learning has recently been termed “the natural way of learning” and can be very empowering and create lasting results.


During EAL, while observing and interacting with horses, participants are encouraged to draw conclusions and metaphors about how these experiences relate to their own lives, feelings, beliefs and behaviors.  The horses provide feedback through their responses to the participants.  Horses, through their responses to us, help us:

• Become aware of our verbal and nonverbal communication
• Improve attention, mindfulness and focusing abilities
• Become aware of discrepancies when our actions don’t match our emotions
• Identify and respect boundaries in ourselves and others
• Confront fear and develop confidence
• Recognize how we project our own emotions, ideas and beliefs onto others
• Learn to stay in the moment and develop self-awareness
• Cope with stress and anxiety



There is no riding required in Equine Assisted Learning.   All activities are conducted on the ground, so anyone can benefit from EAL, regardless of having no horsemanship practice or skills.  Participants can focus on the moment and their feelings without worrying about learning to ride.

Through Crossroads Equine Assisted Learning services we offer workshops, classes and retreats specially designed for Self Development, Creative Thinking, Team Building, Leadership, Assertiveness Training, Problem Solving, Work Study, School Academic Programs and many more.

Keep an eye on our Schedule of Events for upcoming workshops and retreats.


Contact us for more information or if you would like to schedule a class for yourself or group.


(661) 303-7194


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