Obstacle Confidence Workshop, November 1, 2014

Do you want to have fun with your horse at arena trail challenges, trail trials or maneuvering obstacles out on the trail?  Or maybe you want to help your horse to be braver around new things at the stable or horse show? Then register for our upcoming Obstacle Confidence workshop.   We will teach you how horses perceive their environment, show you techniques to help your horse become more confident and show you how to encourage his curiosity.  You will develop your leadership skills, enhancing the trust your horse has in you and improve the partnership you have with your horse.

This is the basic course and all activity is conducted on the ground, with no riding involved.  We will have a ridden obstacle confidence workshop in the future.  But we highly recommend you attend the ground skills workshop first.   Ground skills are the foundation for which all riding is based.  A good foundation on the ground will enhance your partnership with your horse while in the saddle.

Come join us on Saturday, November 1st for this fun and informative workshop.   See our Schedule of Events page for more information or to register for this fun and helpful workshop.

Class size is limited so register now.




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